A new project, a new blog.

feudal-endglish-ladlgSo I am going to attempt to actually write a blog that is regularly updated – this also should mean that I regularly update my actual wargaming projects as well.

My current main project is Feudal English for L’Art De La Guerre in 15mm using Essex Miniatures. I have to say that I have received excellent service from Essex Miniatures over the last couple of months – I cant recommend them highly enough.

So to start with, we have 9 packs, or 72 spearmen painted and awaiting basing – a good start then for any project when you already have a chunk of the forces painted up!

The good thing about a brand new project in every way is that you can base your figures entirely as per your preferred basing conventions. I will base them as per the guidance in the L’Art De La Guerre rulebook as I would quite like to attempt some tournaments with an evolution of this army, Hundred Years War English which will be an extension of this project. I already have most of the figures waiting to go for the conversion but I also want to wargame the Scottish and Welsh wars under Edward I.

I have wanted to wargames with the armies of the armies of the British Isles in the late feudal era for quite some time and have finally taken the plunge inspired by the excellent L’Art De La Guerre rules, the second edition of which has now been published and comes complete with all army lists so no separate supplements to buy. So at £27 for the rulebook and all the army lists it is a bargain well worth the money!

Anyway, I am now onto the bowmen for the feudal English.



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